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The “yellow core” with the giant heating surface.
A superior technology from a proven partner.

- with special conductor, non glowing
- absolutely asbestos free
- noiseless
- low heating temperature
- low weight
- direct heating output
- giant and symmetrical heating generation
- approved
Regulation safety-tested
Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC)


Our projection for your use
Function quality and approved safety

ENGELS-heatinggrids® are used as heating resistance at electrical direct heaters (convectors, air heaters, eg) to heat the air flow. For heating dust-free air and noncombustible, non aggressive and non -explosive gasses. Special version for indirect heating from fluid (e.g. gullies) and materials (e.g. laboratory use) are possible.
Also appliances for low- and high-ohmic resistance loads are available.

Operating voltage:  (24 V) 230 - 400 Volt AC
Output:                     (10-20 W) 250 - 3333 W

By using the special conductor CuNi 44 with low specific resistance and the special constructed heatinggrid, the electrical energy will be nearly totally converted into convected warm air.
Thus they are supplied with ENGELS-heatinggrid® as progressive and modern instruments for the purpose of optimal operation and a higher sense efficiency.

We offer you problem solutions by building “your” heating element. That means we combine our practical perceptions consequently with your economical requirements to secure an competitive production.