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ENGELS -Air Heating used for a European field study for simulating increase of
recent earth warming tendencies and their impact on vegetation.
Precise temperature control even at lowest wind speed conditions and 72 kW.

ENGELS - air heaters worldwide on the seven seas. We supply all kinds of nau-
tic applications, on-/offshore facilities and vessels. References on request.

ENGELS - resistancegrids are used as pulse load resistors in line filters for grid
stabilization in South Africa.

All KEMA-KEUR certificates for our air heaters have been prolonged.
The fulfillment of the CENELEC-standards is supervised by DEKRA
production inspections.

ENGELS - electric air heaters used in power plants e.g. in China and Mexico.

ENGELS - resistancegrids in low-inductance version for installation under
insulating oil are mounted in mains filters for low and medium voltage.

ENGELS - air heaters for Powertrain Test Systems are used for simulation
as electrical and thermal loads in test cell modules and dynamometers of
the leading automobile manufacturers.

ENGELS - air heaters on offshore converter platforms ensure reliable and
precise ambient temperature for the HVDC equipment.

ENGELS - heatinggrids as powerbloc for simulation facilities in development
of space systems and technologies.

ENGELS - air heaters for ultra precision heating in European Research Center
for ultrashort X-ray flashes laser technology.

ENGELS - air heaters in the automotive industry for the validation of electric
driving systems and powertrain simulation.

ENGELS - air heaters for pharmaceuticals in the production of medicines and

ENGELS - air heaters in the field of medical technology, analytics and research
in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

ENGELS - air heaters in air filter systems against spread of Corona viruses in
combination with air handling units.

Partner of HeatTransition 2045 IIIIII

With ENGELS - air heaters into the upcoming age of electric heating.

ENGELS - air heaters as booster heating or substitution for gas heat process
technology in the energy crisis.

ENGELS turns 120 years old.